Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, September 22, 2014

Almost 6 months in Wrexham.

Hi all!

It has been a while since my last post. Well, I had extremely tight schedule. Too little time for myself. Alhamdulillah..my morning sickness is completely gone in my 16 weeks of pregnancy. My baby turns 31 weeks today. I can't believe how fast my little angel is growing inside me. One thing for sure, we always have "special" connection between us. I just love talking to him everyday. It seems like I just got a new bestfriend  who I can share everything with. A lot of things going on since my last entry. I wish I have enough time to write down every  moment.

MSc Composite in Glyndwr University

Well, we completed 4 modules. Another 2 modules will start soon within next 2 weeks. Final exams were ok. The time taken to do the revision was short and brief, however, I gave my best shot. We started working on our dissertation project. My project is a collaboration project between my company and the university, so I will be supervised by both sides. Sigh! It sounds tiring isn't it? but looking from the bright side, I will receive more feedbacks along the project and these will keep me on the right track. So...yeayyy!!! Cheers noni!

I wish I had more time to immerse myself in the subjects, but the workloads that we received from our company and also the extra classes limited my time and focus. Struggled with the assignments while tried our best to meet the deadline for our tasks..fuhhhh...I always wish I chose different path. Sigh! But nothing can be done...I must stay strong and finish what I've already started. Hopefully things will be much better soon.

4 days & 3 nights "vacation" in the labour ward

I was hospitalized due to bleeding problem last 2 weeks (10,11,12 Sept). My first blood spotting was the day after my proposal presentation.Then, I had another bleeding the next week. Maybe I was too stress working on my assignments, final exams, reports, presentations. We had hectic schedule for weeks. We don't get enough rest, burned our midnight oil and we had to work even on weekend! Too much stress to be endured and I reached my limit. So I ended up on the bed of Simpson Ward. Luckily, my baby was ok. Oh baby, please stay strong..another couple of weeks and you will out ok?

Tok Chah is here in Wrexham!

Yeay!!! This is the only thing that cheers me up everyday since last Friday. Mak is here! I miss her so much and having her besides me..the feeling is amazing! I'm so happy finally I can bring her to UK.  Having the most important person...my husband and my mom in the most vulnerable time of my life..nothing can beat this moment!

Tok Chah in Old Trafford, Manchester, United Kingdom
13 September 2014

With Tok Chah in front of Etihad Stadium Manchester City, Manchester, United Kingdom
13 September 2014

Tok Chah jalan-jalan di Aqueduct, Wales, United Kingdom
14 September 2014

Having Pizza Express with Tok Chah in Cheshire Oak, Chester, United Kingdom
14 September 2014

Tok Chah having her first pancakes at Kristina, Wrexham Town, Wrexham, Wales, UK
17 September 2014

Tok Chah and bunga. Visit to Tqah's house :)
18 September 2014

Welcoming the Autumn. Jalan-jalan beli groceries di Sainsbury.
18 September 2014

Tok Chah welcoming the Autumn in front of student's village.
18 September 2014

In front of Glyndwr's library
18 September 2014

Autumn finally here! Goodbye summer...hello autumn! Till then..

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