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Thursday, November 21, 2013

PDC STR**D-MARA Program 2013

Assalamualaikum w.b.t,

Wah! lama betul tak membebel kat sini. Passion nak menulis dah kurang kot. Semua dok berlegar dalam kepala je, jari-jemari malas betoi nak menaip!Haish!

Well, since ramai dok tanya pasal PDC STR**D-MARA Program yang aku join, I decided to write an entry about it. Hopefully this might help the future candidates who interested to join this program.

Macam mana aku tau pasal program ni?

I received a call from UIO (UniKL International Office) on Wednesday (6 Nov) and the officer informed me  roughly the details of this program and asked whether I was interested or not. So, why not? So they asked me to send my CV immediately and I did. The next day, I received this email:

Mula-mula memang tak berapa faham sangat pasal program ni. Nak join pun 50-50 je. But then, after discussed with my husband, he encouraged me to attend the interview session first to gain more information regarding this program, then I should decide whether I want to join this or not. Fair enough. So, since Qahar was having his mid-term exam, I took a bus to KL.

The interview session?

1st Session (11 Nov)

4 days interview sessions. So the interview started from Monday (11 Nov) at 9 a.m. Masa first day, mostly all candidates cuma di brief mengenai STR**D  dan mengenai program yang ditawarkan. It is a part of Economic Transformation Plan (ETP). This program is a collaboration between STR**D and MARA to find 20 bright students in various engineering field. Candidates yang layak akan menjalani program Master in Engineering selama setahun di Glyndwr University, Wales, UK dengan pembiayaan dari MARA. Selepas setahun, all the candidates will return to Malaysia and serve STR**D for 3 years (bond).

My first impression. Erm..not bad! Peluang untuk buat master setahun di UK dan peluang pekerjaan yang terbentang luas di STR**D seperti dijanjikan. Ok, I am definitely interested! The interview sessions were conducted by STR**D. Seramai lebih kurang 65 orang students UniKL yang submit CV, tapi masa first day interview, hanya 44 orang sahaja yang berminat dan stay.  Ada ramai jugak yang datang, then balik. Well, kalau tak minat takkan nak paksa diri kan? At first, STR**D decided nak pilih 40 sahaja (daripada 65 orang more or less) untuk layak ke second session, on the next Wednesday (13 Nov). But, since yang tinggal 44 je, they decided untuk keep all the candidates for the next session. :)

So, besides briefing session, ada Communication Assessment , Career Talk and Group Project during the first day. Lebih kurang pukul 6 petang baru habis.

To be continued...

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