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Saturday, February 4, 2012

UniKL ISEM 2012


Hye dears!
MARA recently launched INTERNATIONAL STUDENT EXCHANGE MOBILITY (ISEM) , financially supported by MARA for a duration of one or two semester in Europe ,Middle East, South East Asia,USA, Canada, Denmark, Finland,Sweeden and many more.


-Bachelor degree level

-Duration of mobility: 1 or 2 semesters

-Period of exchange: in sem 6, 7 or 8

-credit transfer from host university endorsed by MARA
-CGPA 3.75 and above (3.50 can be considered)
-Flight ticket and subsistence allowance provided
-Placement at UNIKL's university partner

Agak terkejut pertama kali mendengar this program coz' this is the first time MARA organized such program untuk student-student yang bernaung di bawah MARA, specifically UniKL Students. I felt like i was given the 2nd chance ! hahaha..sungguh teruja saat tue especially when i checked the list and UK is on the list!!..My current CGPA is quite good, so i'm qualified enough to apply for this program.7 students were picked by HEMs to apply and only 2 scored 3.75 and above incuding me.

Another program is ERASMUS MUNDUS. A program between Asia-Europe, where they will send the students from Asia to Europe and they will support the financial and expenses there. UniKL is one of the partners in this program. Here is the conversation between me and my lecturer last week:

En. Yusoff: Kamu apply ISEM tak?

Aku: Blum lagi.Masih berfikir-fikir lagi..

En. Yusoff: Alah, kamu join ERASMUS MUNDUS jelah nanti. Buat PhD kat Polytechnic of Catalunya, Spain.

Aku: Eyh, Master pun blum, camne nak buat PhD pulak encik...

En. Yusoff: Laaa..kamu tak tahu ke. Student yang graduate with 3.75 and above for his/her first degree tak payah buat Master, trus buat PhD je la..

Aku: OooooOoooo (muka tercengang & ternganga...).

Ok.Aku terasa jahil sebentar!

But,I'm not sure about my decision. Should i go for this ISEM?....Nuraini,beristikharahlah kamu.. :(


Alhamdulillah. Aku terpilih untuk program ISEM nie mewakili UniKL MSI. Aku dihantar ke Trento, Italy selama hampir 6 bulan (Sep- Jan). Amazing experience indeed! Nanti aku tulis entry pasal pengalaman kat Italy, more details info pasal ISEM programme and tips to survive in Italy okeyh! :)

28 April 2013


blueocean said...

salam, hi,
how about ur decision? this program is quite interesting..

Another side of mine! said...

Salam.Maaf lewaaaaaaaattt sangat reply. Alhamdulillah I was selected to be a part of this program. I spent 6 months in Italy :) I will write my experience later. Thanks for reading :)

Ahmad Azfar Abdul Adzim said...

wow... how u study to get 3.75 above.. are u from earth? share some tips... please...

Ahmad Azfar Abdul Adzim said...

second chance is rare btw. good job!

Mrs. Qahar said...

Thanks Azfar! :)

Self-motivation always drive me towards my goal. That's all. I believe each and everyone can achieve even better from mine.

Allah takkan hampakan hambaNYA yang berusaha.

Good luck :)

fatin infinite said...

slm kak..klo amek islamis finance ad kt unikl ad chance ke luar negara x?