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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, February 4, 2012

New Year 2012 & FYP 1 :)


Well, tau..tau..tau..mmg dah lambat sgt kan..tapi den totap dogil nak wish jugak..HAPPY NEW YEAR 2012!!
weeeeeeeee~~~..Maap ler..busy sesangat..tak sempat nak update pun my blog..well, im missing you so much my sweety bloggie~yeuwwww!Banyak story nak citer nieyh!Sedar tak sedar dah menjelang 2012 dah..rasa macam sekejap je masa berlalu kan?..Hmm..im turning 24th this year..tuanya sayaaaaa..rasa macam baruuuuuu je celebrate my 12th birthday..

I've started my new semester..its my 6th semester to be exact..Well,im taking my Final Year Project 1 this sem, guess how busy i will be?Uhuk...uhuk!! Sedih semester break dah habes..but im ready for new challenges!Here i come~~~~

Alhamdulillah, tengah pening nak cari tajuk for FYP,tetiba Allah bukakan jalan yang luas untuk aku..tengah jalan-jalan di Academic Block ari  tu, aku sebok mendapatkan signature for add subject, tetiba En. Yusoff panggil...En. Yusoff nie bukan bapak aku tau...nama je sama..hehehe..he's a lecturer in UniKL MSI..sangat sporting and best!Aku tak pernah join kelas dia, tapi dia pernah join BETA Camp 3 di Sedim, memang kaki buli buat air kopi tengah malam!haahaha..sweet memories..


Aku pun terus la jumpa dia.Dia bagitau PROTON baru launched PROTON Green Mobility Challenge 2012..and UniKL MSI has been chosen as one of the contestant.The challenge is to change a PROTON car (Saga FL) into an electric car (EV). Interesting! So,he offered me to join the team and i can make it as my FYP Project! Alhamdulillah!Lets kill 2 birds with one bullet only!hehehe..So, i met him last week to get my research title. Im appointed to do some research on starting method. I will try my best yah! InsyaAllah..

Proton Green Mobility Challenge (PGMC 2012) is held in conjunction of Malaysia's Innovation Year.  It is organized by Proton and Agensi Inovasi Malaysia (AIM).   The competition involves 9-month of enduring works on developing a Saga FL that fully driven by electric.  The developed EV will be then competed in 4-race event at Sepang International Circuit (SIC) in September 2012.

I'm very grateful to be a part of the team. I'm sure everybody will give their best effort for this project. In previous competition, ECO Challenge organized by PERODUA last year, UniKL MSI won the 3rd place. A great achievement for a new established university like us! For this project by PROTON, the winner will be given chance to be a trainee in PROTON, besides, a CV certified by them! Electric Vehicle (EV) is one of the PROTON's future project. I'm proud to be a part of this historical event!

Few days ago, i met him again. He told me the car is here already! Lets start the challenge! Hey ho!

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