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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Girls and Make-up


Prinsip aku malam nie.Menulis selagi mampu.So, silalah baca entry yang ke-5 dengan penuh kasih sayang!Peace! :P

Siapa suka make-up?Saya!Saya!Saya!
I'm sure almost every girls luv make-up as much as i do.
Make up can turn an ugly duck into a beautiful swan!
Before, make up only worn by professional but nowadays, everybody can wear it!
It has become a universal.A nature!

I do have some make-up stuffs, Only basic stuffs such as mascara, eyeliner (i do have a lot of types), eye shadow, lipsticks and some more.Actually i'm not "rajin" enough to wear it regularly. For me, it is a waste of time because we need to remove it after that,right?Besides, when wearing too much make-up, we will feel a bit lazy to solat because sayang nak remove.Bayangkanlah u look superhot with your gorgeous make-up plus with tudung/shawl belit-belit..and bila time nak solat, of cos la lama nak remove kan? All the waterproof mascara,waterproof eyeliner..ohhhoooo...tue belum lagi kira nak buang shawl yang berbelit-belit..lepas solat, nak pakai balik..nak pakai make up balik..haahhaa...seksa kan?I know..i know..i know exactly how it feel because i was there before! *Sigh!

So, now im only wearing make-up on special occasion such as dinner or special day like dating maybe?hehehe..But,im prefer basic make-up only.. Safi Balqis Moisturizer+Mustika Ratu Foundation+ Pixy Compact Powder + Elianto Creamy Basic Eye Shadow + Elianto Waterproof Eyeliner + Maybelline Waterproof Mascara (Jarang pakai nie!) + L'Oreal Pink Rose Lipstick = I'm ready!!! Ini kalau rajin la...

Kalau malas atau nak pergi kelas je, Safi Balqis Moisturizer+Mustika Ratu Foundation+ Pixy Compact Powder + Nutrimetics Lip Balm/ Vaseline = Done! :) We need that to protect our skin basically!Tudung pun dah jarang pakai shawl yang berbelit-belit..sekali-sekala je..now, im in love with tudung express ! Nak solat pun senang tau :)

P/s: Me in tudung ekspres, My new amor!Muka ke'demam'an yang penuh penafian. Tetap berlakon sihat semata-mata nak tgk M.Nasir Live at Mon Rods Kulim. :)

My conversation with my other half while he was staring at AVON latest catalogue at my house:

He : I don't like girls with make-up!

Me: Ermm..kalau tak pakai make-up...Nanti tak cantik..orang lain semua pakai make-up..nanti you rasa your gf/wife not beautiful enough..

He( while staring into my eyes): You will get worst when you are older. I better get used to it from now.


# Moral of the story : It is not wrong to wear make-up as long as it is not an excessive one.Remember, anything that is EXCESSIVE is DAMAGING!Love your skin!

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