Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Everything is brand new!


Sebenarnya dah lama nak tukar header tue.Finally, berjaya jugak design header baru dengan jayanya!Tahniah Nuraini! (sambil tepuk bahu sendiri!) Dah tahun 2012 kot..kena la tukar kan..hehehe

Tadaaaaa!!! Aku pun takde idea nak letak nama apa..hentam jelah kan..ngeh3

P/s: Excessive make-up in the pics are not real.Edit!Edit!and edit! :P

Selain header, aku jugak dah tukar link to this blog.Here is the new link

Kenapa tukar? Haaa..sebenarnya aku nak menyusahkan lagi orang lain view this blog.hehehe
Well, back to the basic, im not writting here for any commercial purposes or else. Here is the place where i can share whatever i love to write. Pieces of my life..my memories. Kind of valuable pieces in my journey. Somewhere my future child can refer back to. I wanna remember what kind of girl i was.What kind of values i'm holding on in my life.So, only certain people can access to my beloved site here.Sorry stalkers out there! :)

Eh, layout pun dah baru. Yummy!Yummy!~ :)

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