Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, May 16, 2011

..tadaaaa!!!!i'm back to the blogging world!!~~~

Assalamualaikum darls!!!!

Alhamdulillah final exam da abes...
my 4th semester is officially closed!! yeay!!!!
actually,my holiday started since last thursday 
but im quite busy enjoying my so-called "Merdeka Day!!"..haha
merdeka!!merdeka!!merdeka!!!!(patriotik tetiba...hahaha


So,comment bout my final exam???!!
6 final papers...not bad but the worst final eva!huhu

proudly to say dis..
dat im so well-prepared for all the papers but
hmm..langit tak selalu cerah.."
im fully satisfied answering all the papers except for EMF(Electric Machine Fundamental)
the paper was $%$&^%#%!!!!!

the questions were ridiculous!!!! sentap sgt!!!!huh!!!
dah2..im done talking and thinking bout my final papers..
i know dat ive tried my very best..
so,as usual..NO REGRET!!! :)
juz wait & see for the result..
hopefully i will keep in the dean's list record..
let's pray for the best woccay!!!!yeyahhhh~~~~~

Done with my 4th semester..alhamdulillah...

4 down,4 more to go..
chaiyok2 nuraini!!!!!!!!

I did sumthing crazy last friday!!!!! 

wut was it????

wait for the next post yah!!! :)

***Piccas taken at Menkuang Dam with my luvly rumates on the last day of 4th semester!!! Cheersss!!

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