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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, May 16, 2011

KPO Kuala Nerang 2011

Well,sejak dah renovated my blog nie,addicted plak nak post..hahaha
As i promised..here is my first catch-up story here..
KPO (Kursus Pengurusan Organisasi
at Kuala Nerang on 8 -10 April 2011..

Basically, kursus adalah utk mendedahkan mahasiswa 
on how to produce a good proposal & report..
suma ahli JPM wajib attend the course except for Amin,since he had entrepreneur convention in other campus...
tired but enjoyable..:)
pack jugak la aktiviti tp santai...sempat jugak la aku tersengguk2 drg ceramah..hahahaha..
penat kowt!!!!travel 3-4 jam...sampai2 trus dgr ceramah!!pfffffff~~~

Kitaorg dibahagikan kepada 5 kumpulan..aku group HANG TUAH!!!yeahhh!!! (the best kowt!)
My groupie were Zack,Wawa,Imran,Pian,Aiyub  and Amalina.
Final task given was we need to produce a proposal on career..
Our idea was CATiOn Day..
Our proposal was one of the best..:)
Petang plak kitaorg ada water confident and kayak..bestt!!!!!!!
On the last morning, we had jungle tracking..nice  one!
It was a simple course..tp penuh dgn pengisian yg sgt berguna..
santai dan lepak..
Sronok sgt dpt get close dgn dak2 diploma yg lain..
yg xpernah kenal pun before this..
mgkin pernah slisih bahu before this tp xpenah pun tegur..
Now we have a solid reason to greet each others..
A gud starting point..:)
Owh,makanan pon mmg sgt shedap!!!

burpppp!!Oppssss..terlebey sudaaa~~

Encik Raja,gud job!Tengssss...We enjoyed the course very much!!! :)


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