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Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Hello 2011!A review of FASHION 2011

hye dearsss!!!
well,malam2 yg hening nie..ditemani bunyi anjing menyalak..(shadap you doggiee!!!)
actually nak tulih review of 2010..tp rasanya satu malam xcukup!huuhuh..
xpe2..next post occay!!!byk lagi pics 2010 yg xdiuploadkan..later yah!
saja je blogwalking malam nie..
googling the fashion fever for 2011..
check out babes!!!Must-know this!!

i'll find out more later yah!!!!Stay tuned!!:) 
I went tru few articles...LEGGING is the fashion trend for 2010/2011!!!yeay!!!
(happy coz i gt them already in my closet!..hehe) 

actually,at first im dying for this piece..criss cross bandage legging!cool,huh!!!! :(
but,it is a way too sexayyyyyy i think~~~uwaaaa!!..
but,believe me,i cant hold myself from getting this piece sooner or later!*wink!*
Finally i made up my mind to purchase one of this kind..(sorry xjumpa the real pic..)
but,believe me..mine is nicer..ada crumple2 sket kat tepi..!!!:)

***this one!!but,clear sgt la...dun worry i'll upload a clearer one later..hiihi..***

i'm still trying to get a clearer pic of this year's fashion trend...later update lagi ogeyh!!! :)daaaa..


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