Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, October 4, 2010

...we were meant to be...:P


it has been quite a while since my last post here..
it's about 37 days left for the final exam to come..gosh!!!!!why do i feel like the time is running away from me??!!i wish i cud have another 24 hours for a day..then im sure i will perform better..hahaha...(r u sure nuraini???it seems like u might have extra tyme to sleep!!)..

raya mood is over..wake up ppl!!!lots of stuff to take care of..pffff!!!!...but im sooOO extremely happy because most of my classes for tis week will be cancelled due to graduation day..some of my lecturers are not available..i guess tis is the time i have to take advantage of to settle up all the assignment dat have been delayed for such a loooOONg tyme!!!...work harder nuraini!!!!!chaiyok2!!!..

Hmmm...quite a lot i wanna write here..i had a blast weeked..last Friday (1.10.2010)Ummi,Esha,Haikal,Naufal,Aiyub,Epul,Man and I went to penang...at first we went to kg benggali to buy some electrical circuit for our digital electronics projects..then,the next destination was Gurney Plaza..we had a wonderful moment in Seoul Garden..i still remember the first tyme i was there wif Ajim,Efa,Bezek and chibi..a walk to remember..hmmm...okeee..okeee..forget bout it!!!..and the most beautiful thing was my mumu also there joining us!!!:)..we spent the whole nyte together..looking forward for this weekend coz we gonna have another blissful tyme together..yeayyyyy!!!!luv u baby!!!:P
btw,kaha juz started his nuw job..as an optician..hope he's doing well..i noe he will..wuteva it is..mishing him..:(

another gud things???ermmm...oh yah..i scored full mark for FLUID MECHANICS test 1..full mark for POWERTRAIN quiz 2..full mark for AUTO CAD quiz....alhamdulillah..:)..im preparing myself for Chassis Quiz 3 tomorrow..gud luck to myself!!!!!...update u later..daaaaaaa~~~~


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