Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, August 28, 2010

..happy time!!!!...

Nuw day wif nuw hope??? :)


hey..hey..hey..im typing dis from my nuw lappy!!yeay!!gt tis from the nuw schemed introduced by the government..one of the ways to upgrade the mentality of malaysian as a whole...sempena bulan KEMERDEKAAN nie..im proud to say tis..I"M A MALAYSIAN!!!!Thanx Allah utk keamanan & kebebasan yg dikecapi selama ini..kekalkan lah kebahagian ini dan jauhkanlah kami dr segalam ancaman2 anasir luar...aminnnn!!!..

well...its the 6th week already..pejam celik..pejam celik..one thing yg aku realised..sem 3 nie berlalu macam air mngalir dgn laminar flow..(refer textbook FLUID MECHANICS)..huhuhu..assignmnents xpayah cakap la...kalo sehari xde mmg hairan bin ajaib..dgn lab report yg berlambak2..CHASSIS..POWERTRAIN..FLUID...warghhh!!mmg muntah hijau la ko noni!!!..memang!!!..but afta all...apa yg penting(selain KERJASAMA!!..)..every weekend mmg kat umah la aku...tambah2 sejak da ada wireless di rumah..mmg rindu pada umah aku sentiasa membuak2..wakakaka!!!

Hari nie dah puasa ke 18..hurmmmm..cepatnya Ramadhan da nak sampai ke penghujung..nak raya plak pasni..pfffff!!!!!..duet!duet!...berapa ek bajet nak bg duet raya kat anak2 sedara aku taun nie..al maklumlah da dapat loan..silap2 ari bulan bukan bdk2 tue jer nak kena bg duet raya..mak bapak diorang skali pau aku..wawawaaa!!!Eiii..xsabarnya..nak BBQ malam raya ngan family..pasang pelita....besh!besh!...dulu2 kalo kat Felda..malam2 nak dekat raya nie...sonok round2 felda..tgk pelita yg dipasang di rumah2 org...rindu la plak...huhuhu...hmmmm..

Disebabkan aku mmg bz tahap otomen taro..dah dapat kesempatan nak mengarut nie..mmg panjang la aku mengarut..huhhu...btw,2 malam lepas..ada org2 dr pejabat kesihatan dtg fogging disebabkan serangan cali melanda hostel kitaorg...and at the same night..berlakunya serangan histeria kat bilik deret depan bilik aku..aku tgk gak lew budak tue..smpai la 'makhluk' tue kuar..nuw experience..huhuu..dan PENGUMUMAN!!!aku pun digigit si cali durjana itu..huhuhu...(maaf bukan pengumuman anak bulan da nampak..hehehe)..

Alhamdulillah loan AUGUST da masuk!!!!yeay!!!!!bley bli baju raya!!!...bestnyeeee~~~~..tis weekend nak kuar ngan QAHAR & ED...:)...blum berbuka bersama pun Ramadhan nie..rindu zaman2 masa sem 1...its our 2nd raya together... Alhamdulillah..moga smpai bila2 pun raya bersama okee...insyaAllah...:)

ok2...t aku ngarot agy okeee...da kul 7 nie..jap agy dah nak berbuka..SELAMAT BERBUKA suma!!!...wassalam..blog is adjourned... :)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

..wut u waiting for baby..its Ramadhan!!!!~~~


....its my first post in RAMADHAN al Mubarak...so, i hope its not too late to wish all of u..SELAMAT BERPUASA..semoga Ramadhan kali ini membawa 1001 keberkatan dalam hidup kita semua..insyaAllah.. :)

Semalam rasa macam a lot of things in my mind nak tulis ..but now..im blur..adakah kerana im fasting????oh tidakkkk!!!...well,my life during Ramadhan sama jew...weekdays bz kat MSI wif bundle of assignments & classes...then,every weekend balik umah helping my mum buat cookies tuk tempahan raya yg byk giler itu...huhuhu...

One thing yg aku cukup bersyukur...as Kero said" The grass look greener on the other side.."..Alhamdulillah..cukup bersyukur dgn apa yg aku ada at tis point..i have the chance to help my mum...spending my time wif my family..Alhamdulillah...~~~~~

Waaaa..xsabar nak raya..baju raya blum bli agy...but i've bought my nuw shawl for raya..hahaha...maybe next week la kot nak kuar wif my luv for hari raya shoppping... :)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

...A walk to remember...Our 1st Anniversary Celebration...

hye ppl..assalamualaikum... :)

hey you!!!!..its the fourth week..a lot of assignments have been assigned to me..pffff!!!!...
well..i had such a splendid tyme last weekend..it was a BLAST!!!..although part of our plan didn't work well..still..it was one of the BEST day ever...its totally awesome!!!Thanx syg who made it come true...i luv u so much!!!

we watched two muvies..SALT at Perangin Mall...& TEKKEN at Queensbay...both muvies are great!!especially TEKKEN..im amazed by all the characters..(JIN KAZAMA of cossss!!!)..but Angelina Jolie did a great job in SALT too...

we had our lunch at our fav place..and the headed to Queensbay where we met Dush & his gf ( i gez!)...then, ED..Jie..Hafiz..Ayie & his gf,Tasya..The day was their graduation day also..the day turned out to be a hang out day wif fwen actually..but believe me...it made the day better... :)
The best part was..our dinner!!!!it ws totally blown by the place..its next to the seashore..where i can see the penang bridge clearly..listen to the waves..OMG!!!!its damn perfect...he knows how much i luv the beach!Thanks baby..it was amazing...i wish to be there again next tyme... :)

but still...we didnt take the pic in the box...no couple rings since no size for us..n no chocolate indulgence for me..we were totally had a short term memory lost...im craving for it!!!so truly SAD!!! :(

Happy Anniversary syg....im having a great time beside you..now & always...lets keep tis forever..the magic words..I LOVE YOU.. :)

Monday, August 2, 2010


Ooh, oh, ooh, oh
Sweet love, yeah

I didn't mean itWhen I said I didn't love you, so
I should have held on tight
I never shoulda let you go

I didn't know nothing
I was stupid, I was foolish
I was lying to myself
I could not fathom that I would ever
Be without your love
Never imagined I'd be
Sitting here beside myself

?Cause I didn't know you?Cause I didn't know me
But I thought I knew everything
I never felt

The feeling that I'm feeling
Now that I don't hear your voice
Or have your touch and kiss your lips?Cause I don't have a choice

Oh, what I wouldn't give
To have you lying by my side
Right here, ?cause baby

When you left I lost a part of me
It's still so hard to believe
Come back baby, please?Cause we belong together

Who else am I gon' lean on
When times get rough?
Who's gonna talk to me on the phone
Till the sun comes up?
Who's gonna take your place?
There ain't nobody better
Oh, baby baby, we belong together

I can't sleep at night
When you are on my mind
Bobby Womack's on the radio
Saying to me

"If you think you're lonely now"
Wait a minute
This is too deep
(Too deep)
I gotta change the station

So I turn the dial
Trying to catch a break
And then I hear Babyface
"I only think of you"

And it's breaking my heart
I'm trying to keep it together
But I'm falling apart
I'm feeling all out of my element
I'm throwing things, crying
Trying to figure out
Where the hell I went wrong

The pain reflected in this song
It ain't even half of what
I'm feeling inside
I need you, need you back in my life, baby

When you left I lost a part of me
And it's still so hard to believe
Come back baby, please
?Cause we belong together

Who else am I gon' lean on
When times get rough?
Who's gonna talk to me on the phone
Till the sun comes up?
Who's gonna take your place?
There ain't nobody better
Oh, baby baby, we belong together, baby

When you left I lost a part of me
It's still so hard to believe
Come back baby, please?Cause we belong together

Who am I gonna lean on
When times get rough?Who's gonna talk to me
Till the sun comes up?
Who's gonna take your place?There ain't nobody better
Oh baby, baby
We belong together..

listening to the song..keep on thinking bout Qahar...hehehe...btw..its quit long for me not to write ere..i dun have the rite tune for me to post sutmthing...yeah...lots of things happened...which made a lot of difference in my life...

hey, i gt a nuw bed!!!alhamdulillah..finally i moved to a nuw room..a great relief indeed!!..well the dummies tried to create a scene but i dun wanna play along wif the game...biarkan luncai terjun dengan labu2nya..everyone knows without i've to state ere wut happened..even from the start..ppl around me keep on asking me the same ques..."Seriously u wanna stay in the same room wif 'em??"...hahaha..ppl around us always know how jerk they are!!!from the 1st sem keep on changing the roomates because tis kind of ppl neva learn from their mistakes and can't neva be gud wit others...so,let them be... :)...

well..can't wait for the weekend..tomorrow is my 22nd besday!!we gonna celebrate my burfday and our anniversary in advanced tis weekend...yeay!!!!!last nyte i had a long nyte wif him..so sweet...its kind of funny when i think about last nyte..but after all..he neva fail to make me smiles and making me fall in luv wit him all over again..its has been quite a year..but the feeling i have towards him..neva fade..n its growing..deeper..n deeper..thanx syg..until tis time...i still luv u like the first time...everytime we went out..i feel like it always our first date..my heart still pounding loudly when i think about u..n even more when u are around...Abdul Qahar...stay besides me forever..you are my man..now n always...