Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, July 19, 2010

...nuw sem started!!!!....the battle is ON once again...


:Tuhan sengaja mahu kita berjumpa dgn orang yg salah sebelum menemui insan yg betul supaya apabila kita akhirnya menemui insan yg betul, kita akan tahu bagaimana utk bersyukur dgn pemberian dan hikmah disebalik pemberian tersebut:

p/s: i found mine! :)

Hey..hey..hey..im back!!!as the title…nuw sem started n today is my first day in my 3rd semester..pejam celik..pejam celik..xsedar…its my 3rd sem already…its gonna be more challenging for sure..im taking 18 credit hours wif 4 subject 3 crdt hours!!****!!!!sahaberu!!i noe I can do it..always better…insyaallah..

My first class was professional communication 2..still wif Madam Zu..our hot mama..hehee..n the other classes were cancelled!yeay!!still in my holiday mood but I can’t wait to explore nuw things…hope everything will be okay for me..i noe its gonna be lil bit hard for me but I promise to myself to give my best n I believe I won’t let em’ down…

Talking bout my nuw challenges..da biggest one..is my rumates!!!..now im not staying wif napisah alone like I used before..i gt 2 nuw rumates which I dunno whether I cud fit myself in..arghhhh!!!!!tensen!tensen!!..wish we cud change our room..sgt sedey….

But at least..still..i believe..there are still plenty of room for joys…n I had one yesterday!hehehe…suddenly jew MUMU col n asked me whether we cud hve lunch together..yeay!!!!!sgt suka!!!..so,he came down n we had our lunch at Nasi Kandar Hussain..n then,we watch muvi..guess wut??!!!!its TWILIGHT:ECLIPSE!!!!thanx a lot dear…sanggup menemani diriku ini...i noe he hates my edward cullen damn much!hihihi..but believe me..you are the hottest guy in ma life for real okeee!!hehehe..slaloo macam tue..keep on suprising me..but I lurve it so much…hey mr Qahar..u noe dat..I LOVE YOU

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