Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

::sumtimes we make mistakes to learn more::


"Sometimes life takes everything from us and we start wondering WHY ONLY ME? At these times we must just relax and think that if life has a challenge for us, then we must also fulfill that and win that challenge. Everything depends on our thoughts; the way we think and the way we take things"

hurmmmm...i've made the hardest decision..im quitting myself from the netball team..
no one involved..its me..myself..i juz can't do things i dun really into it..even i know i can do it..yeah..i was the netball captain..but it was 5 years ago..n now i can't do tis anymore...i can't be sumwhere im not belong to..i believe i deserved more..time is running..i can't waste it for sumthing i dun really like...sorry everyone..i've tried so hard..but i noe n im sure wut i want...n tis is my decision..
im tired of tis..i was the sportswoman back in my school..i luv sport so much n now its the time for me to learn in different ways..im choosing the best path..the path which can give the most wut i want...im proud of myself..able to stand for wut i believe.. :)

yeay!!i'll be back at my home..enjoying my holiday..where i belong to..:)
i belong to my family...my studies..n my Qahar...i dun want others...im focusing on my target..my goal..i noe i can do it...i' ve learn in the hardest way..and its the tyme for me to make it to the top n reach my goal..university life isn't juz a learning process but it's more than that..the process of making the right decision..choosing the right things..dats more important...

hey,last nyte i had a nightmare..it was about my Qahar..i was crying in my dream..
can't imagine if he wasnt around...maybe sumtimes my mind doesnt realised wut he's done for me but my soul always do...thinking bout him soothing my mind..i dunno how he did..but its work..it wasnt juz love..but he's taking my soul wif him..cant wait to grad..have a gudlife wif him..im sure its gonna be real..insyaallah..we are working towards it..:)


Saladin15 said...

"Kadang2 ALLAH hilangkan skjap matahari,kmudian DIA dtgkan pula ribut & petir... Puas kita menangis mncari dimana matahari? Rupanya ALLAH nk hadiahkn kita PELANGI"

~~Miss Bootylicious~~ said...

thanx :)..btol2...sgt setuju...sgt bersyukur dgn apa yg saya ada hari ni...always better than yesterday... :)..alhamdulillah...