Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, May 2, 2010

~~~it is the end of the sem 2!~~~

salam..holla ppl!!..yeah..its a very longgg tyme i didnt up date my blog here..it ws the final exam & i was tried to focus on it first..alhamdulillah..its DONE perfectly..no regret..i gave my best & i'll leave it to HIM to decide wuts the best shud i gt..i did tuition class for thermal science subject in lecture hall..it ws totally exciting to be given the chance to teach my friends..(including the seniors!)..cn't u imgine ME..in front of bout 20 of them..all GUys...teach thermal science..hahaha..but they've been a great student too..:)

i finished my exam week wif such a great memoir..yesterday..my beta camp commitee n me was spending our day at SEDIM..we were checking up da site n afta dat we had a great picnic!luv it s0 much!everybody ws having fun including me..

last nyte..we overnyte in penang..it ws a tragic drama..we planned to watch IRON MAN 2..we bought the ticket already..since the show will take place at 1.50am..we went to karok at PERDA..it was man..acap..kecik..ayob..fisya..ummi..syam..yat..jie..n fisya's fwen..at 1.30am..we went to SUNWAY back for the muvi..but A DRAMA started which is much more interesting than IRON MAN 2 i guess..

one of my fwen..terkantoi ngan his bf dat she went out wif us..n suddenly his bf slapped her!siot btul!!rasa nak lempang2..nak pijak2 ja bf dia tue..grrrrr!!!!bayangkan kat public camtue..org tgh ramai tunggu nak masuk panggung..bodo betol!smpai lebam pipi membe aku tue!bangang punya laki!bukan nya gf dia kuar berdua ngan laki len...ngan membe2 ramai2 kowt...apa hak dia nak lempang2 anak dara org??baru je kapel xsmpai setahun...blum jd bini agy tue...hmmmm..
so,out great tyme ended at dat point!huhuhu..then,we went to penang..makan2..jumpa my dear qahar!!hihihi,..nie the only part yg aku suka!!hahaha...

byk benda berlaku...but aku xsempat nak update..huhuh..maybe later on bila ada msa free or ada mood aku tulis yew..skang nie lapaq gila!!!huhuhu...daaaa~~

gossip gal!!

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