Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, April 9, 2010

..semerah cinta skeleton..(dats wut naufal heard in the techno class!)..

salam..hye ppl...im back!
its 2am already and im still up for studying com programming..i'll have my first test tomorrow munink..chaiyok2!but as usual..study neva be an exciting activity for more than 2 hours!huhuhu...im straying..hahaha..

i watched SEMERAH CINTA STILLETTO yesterday..it ws a treat of haikal,my classmate..thanx haikal for filled my stomach wif such a great pizza!!luv it!..we went for muvi wif naufal & napisah...so..four of us...2 sweet girls(suweeett kew???) n 2 badut!kih3...when i was eating the pizza n i was soOOO full!!! they kept made sum silly jokes n i juz cant stop laughing like hell!my face was getting red n really felt like nak muntah!hahaha..but after all..it was an exciting day..hang out wif them!thanx guys!!!

btw,actually i was so semangat to comment bout da muvi!hmmm...it was my idea to watch it from the start n kebetulan when we reached the counter, dats the only muvi offered pun.so, they have no choice but watching it.Haikal n naufal were kept on mumbling "muvi jenis apekah hang tengok nie wei???..tgk citer tamil lg best!"..sengal!i watched the preview before,macam best jew,so i put it in my "MESTI TONTON" list!..

hmmm..quite disappointed la...xde la best sgt pown!!!too simple n not so detail..every scene cam da lapuk n predictable..pufffff!!!sgt sedey!!i was so semangat n when i was out from the cinema..felt like wanna burn the panggung wayang(cam kat india tue kan!!...hahaha)..ending sgt mengecewakan..its a happy ending but again.. dissappoint me!yeah..seb baik ley makan pizza pastu kan...ngeh3...
okeeee..nak smbg study....blog is adjourned...xoxo! :P

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