Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

~~~exam fever is back~~~dup!dup!dup!

hello fellas!!..its a bright day n really howwwttt!!its not juz because of ME who causing the global warming(undeniably true!!)... but its bcoz the compressor of the air-conditioner in my clg has blown...yeah..too much cooling effect required which the compressor cannot withstand i think...well..juz a theory of mine..try to apply wut i've learn in THERMAL SCIENCE..hahaha..where knowledge is applied..

as the title above..EXAM!!..juz around da corner..i can feel the heat..about 13 days left..more or less...suddenly,everybody becomes so passion bout their studies(which have been neglected from the start!)...hahaa...am i ready for dat?ermmm...when it comes to preparation..ive completed almost 50% i guess..n another 50% will be worked out very soon...insyaAllah...

ive doon my 2nd test for maths,thermal,fundamental,programming and workshop..Alhamdulillah...no regret..i did my best n im fully satisfied...yeah..there are still a lot of rooms for improvement but i'll try my best to work it out..hopefully,i'll manage to maintain my pointer or get a better one...

managing stress?ermmmm...so far,im not really stress..try to prioritize everything..preparing the last one bullet to kill all..hahaha...btw,like the previous year,there are sum requests from my friends for me to do a tuition class for them..insyaAllah...i'll try my best..owh,there's one request from the senior yesterday for thermal science class..hahaha....camne nak ajar senior weyhhh??segannya!!!da la suma guys...hmmmm...

aja2 fighting nonie chan!!!!back on the track haunting for the victory!!!..sahaberu!!!

Friday, April 9, 2010

..semerah cinta skeleton..(dats wut naufal heard in the techno class!)..

salam..hye ppl...im back!
its 2am already and im still up for studying com programming..i'll have my first test tomorrow munink..chaiyok2!but as usual..study neva be an exciting activity for more than 2 hours!huhuhu...im straying..hahaha..

i watched SEMERAH CINTA STILLETTO yesterday..it ws a treat of haikal,my classmate..thanx haikal for filled my stomach wif such a great pizza!!luv it!..we went for muvi wif naufal & napisah...so..four of us...2 sweet girls(suweeett kew???) n 2 badut!kih3...when i was eating the pizza n i was soOOO full!!! they kept made sum silly jokes n i juz cant stop laughing like hell!my face was getting red n really felt like nak muntah!hahaha..but after all..it was an exciting day..hang out wif them!thanx guys!!!

btw,actually i was so semangat to comment bout da muvi!hmmm...it was my idea to watch it from the start n kebetulan when we reached the counter, dats the only muvi offered pun.so, they have no choice but watching it.Haikal n naufal were kept on mumbling "muvi jenis apekah hang tengok nie wei???..tgk citer tamil lg best!"..sengal!i watched the preview before,macam best jew,so i put it in my "MESTI TONTON" list!..

hmmm..quite disappointed la...xde la best sgt pown!!!too simple n not so detail..every scene cam da lapuk n predictable..pufffff!!!sgt sedey!!i was so semangat n when i was out from the cinema..felt like wanna burn the panggung wayang(cam kat india tue kan!!...hahaha)..ending sgt mengecewakan..its a happy ending but again.. dissappoint me!yeah..seb baik ley makan pizza pastu kan...ngeh3...
okeeee..nak smbg study....blog is adjourned...xoxo! :P

Thursday, April 8, 2010

~~wut makes my day~~

im in the state of happy...coco camp is cancelled!!!!thanx to mdm zalina who made tis come tru!hey,i juz discovered a new application in my laptop..life frame which enable me to take pictures,records vid a lot more...pathetic of me!..ive been used tis laptop for bout 3 years but i neva explored it to the fullest...hahaha...so,now it has been a new passion of mine..takin' picca!ngeh3..

btw,i msg ajim few days ago..asked him when he will back in mesia..he said maybe tis cumin july!!!OMG!!!missing him so much...i had dream of him lately...thought dat im missing him indeed...he looks so fine...i had a look on picca of him travelling around Europe..looks exciting..i wanna be there damn much!..its ok..maybe it juz wasnt my tyme yet...i'll be there...for sure..insyaallah...hey,Paris..LA..LOndon..wait for me...wink!

Monday, April 5, 2010

stronger than yesterday....

a busy life keeps me from updating tis blog...
3 weeks left before the final exam...i dun have any other option than struggle as hard as i cud..giving all my best..insyaallah...

btw,yesterday was my niece,tasya burfday..hepi besday to my baby gal...she's our "pengarang jantung"..she's very talkative la lately..penat nak layan..but fitrah...looking at them..my heart at ease... :)
luv my fam so much!!!i went back home last weekend..seriously im happy sooOOO much!!..my mum masak tom yam..my fav!!thanx mak!!!!helped my mum wat dodol...n cleaned my house...im so happy
whenever she's around...having chances to make she smiles..i luv my mum!

tis weekend ada co-curriculum camp at sedim...huhuu...how cud they plan it on week 12?..ridiculous giler!!!hmmmm...sabar jelah...btw,gud newssss!!!...madam zalina..my computer programming lecturer asked me to be her model for her grooming class tis sem break!!alhamdulillah....keje tue...hahaha...tetiba jew kan madam nak blajaq mengandam lak...nak tukaq profession kowtttt..putus asa mngajaq bdk2 xmakan saman!huhu....apa2 pun..alhamdulillah...membuka pintu rezeki aku jugak...

yeah..as the title above..feels great..stronger than yesterday...i made mistakes to learn who i am..n i believe Allah planned the best thing for me..for us...insyaallah...i won't cry but start to deal wif the problems more effectively...thanx to MUMU....he made me cried lately(yes,dun deny tis!)..although it was a joke..huhuhuh...but one thing i want u to noe..one thing for sure my dear..read my lips...I LOVE YOU!