Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, March 25, 2010

!!!!!!!well done guys!!!!!!


as usual..it hs been a super duper busy week...seriously i feel like wanna sleep for the whole day..n when i wake up..i wish all da assignment has been done!anyone would like to help me?????!!!!huhuhuhu

did my quiz maths 2 yesterday..alhamdulillah..;)..today we did our 2nd mock meeting in pro comm class...alhamdulillah..madam zu said it was a well done job!..we deserved a standing ovation ngeh3...totally awesome!! gud job la guy!!thanx to kechik,umi,york,abul,fahmi,aiyub n hasbi...

i gt A LOT of activities planned for tis weekend..i dunno wut to choose but for sure i cant split myself for all da activities..after considering the opportunity cost..i need to decide which will contribute most towards my life...bowling tournament???check site for beta camp??thermal lab report???arghhhhh!!!!undecidable!!!

hurmmmm...a dunno why lately...it seems to be different...miss da old tyme...maybe i shud giv him more time...i dunno....thanx to all my fwens who cheer up my days...without all of you guys..i dunno wut kind of days i would have...luv my job!!!

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