Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, March 19, 2010

:::::::: one sweet day::::::

hye everyone!!!lama gila xupdate my blog...seriously..im extremely busy!!!...a lot of things nak tulis but i dun have tyme...tymeee!!!i need more!!!maybe 30 hours a day???

It hs been 2 weeks xbalik umah..tersiksa jiwa & raga...missing my family sooOO much!..my sis,my bro, alif..tasya..n of course my beloved mummy!!..maybe im going home tomorrow..since we plan to survey beta camp site tomorrow at Sedim..dah alang2 lalu..balik jew la..yeye!!!!

Got my maths test paper..alhamdulillah...i gt 52/55..Alhamdulillah... :)..still there a lot of room for improvement..i'll try harder next tyme ..insyaallah...

Btw,i wanna story bout my exciting last weekend..i enjoyed it very much..afta i met kak sab at Abedeen Resort in Kepala Batas...i joined bob,acap,man & radhi went to Bendang Man to survey for our beta camp site..after done wif the survey,we went to umah kak pah n had our luch there...we met syamir,liza,kak pah,afiq,kecik,umi n aiyub there..then,epol treated us at pizza hut ,Giant...sgt best!!i ws almost RM400..thanx a lot to epol...ive uploaded some of interesting picca from our trip...check it out!!..

huarghhhh!!!gt netball training at 7am tomorrow...i need to wake up earlyyyy!!its weekend la wei!!!huhuhu...

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