Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Friday, March 12, 2010

~~~Be silent or let thy words be worth more than silence~~~

Salam...hoolaback dear!!!

finally..its saturday!!..tyme to have enuf sleep..updating my blog...posting sumthing on fb..yeah!!!i luv weekend!but still..responsibilities over the weekend...pffffff!!!its a LOTTTT!!!sahaberu nonie chan!!!!btw,its mid term break for schools in m'sia...sgt jelezzzz!!!nak cuti jugak!!!im so busy try to complete my business plan..im selling cakes..anyone would like to have one???I am dying here!!!
I thought Internet is a source that solve everything?? *sobs*

Checklist for tis weekend:

~business plan for techno
~submit streamyx registration form to TM Point
~submit documents to Kak Sab
~Budget & proposal for Beta Camp III
~tutorial 5 comp prog
~G-Code exercise for workshop mechanical
~thermal lab reports

I've done my computer programming 2nd quiz tis evening..alhamdulillah..:)...i gave my best..xsia2 revise all those things...alhamdulillah...i went to mdm mazwin's office to get back my test paper for maths..but she wsn't around...warghhhhh!!!xsabar nak tawu!!!huhuhu...

miss my fwens...i had a glance on their pix in fb...pix in UK..around London..seronoknya..teringat balik all my dreams before...Manchester...hmmm... but then, I came to my sense that we should all come back to Our Creator, ALLAH. I realized that sometimes we could not get everything that we wanted. no matter how eager we are to get that thing, but when it is not meant for you, you will not get it. but, once we failed don't ever stopped from trying and trying. sustenance is everywhere. if we know where to find and must be through the right way...insyaallah..
i believe He knows wuts the best for me better than anyone...

I have a better chance here..making a gud grade...having a gud fwens...n the most beautiful one is..having HIM..thanx dear..who cheer up my days..even lately we had hard tymes..still..dats will neva tear us apart..coz my love for you is more than dat...

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