Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

simply fabolous!!

my weekend was simply awesome!
luv it so much!thanx to my luv,qahar..
finished my final exam already!!!yeay!!!
and as for today, i filled my day with sleeeepinggg!!!
had a nightmare last night..OMG!!it scared me to death!
Woke up at 12-ish. Had my shower and straightaway went out to cafe for my lunch!

hmmm..well anyways,I'm having my mood swing now.yes! I'm aware of it but I just can't get rid of it. and yes,i'm acting like a bitch now. Blame the hormones-blame the hormonessss! and no, I'm not gonna apologise for it.

On a different note, Sometimes I can like someone very much and at the same time I can hate them like nobody can ever think off. So please respect me for who I am.
Plus respect my stuff too. And yes I hate stuck-ups and I hate to deal with these kind of people. Annoying oke! pffffffffffft! Can you just get lost from my way and don't interfere with my personal life?
WTH! I'm so E.M.O today and live with it ok people!huhuhu..
i'm done wif dat part..fuh!!

btw, lets talk bout sumthing nicer..well..final exam came to the end (finally!!)..
now,its the tyme to plan my holiday.hmmm...btw,nuw muvi is coming out tomorrow.. 2012..i wanna watch it damn much!! i wrote out a wut to-do list n here it is..

2) guitar lesson?
3) i shud spend more tyme on cooking!
4) jogging n sum exercises like futsal?
5) any camp?i luv hiking..camping!!
6) holiday trip? well..y not?

dats it for now..maybe i'll cme out wif a better idea soon..

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