Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Saturday, November 7, 2009

few days before the check point!!...

holla ppl!!!..
one more paper left..chaiyok2..
mechanics n fundamental was suck!!!huhuhu...
i juz bck from my home...home sweet home...spent my tyme away from my study for a while..

btw, had a date wif my mr mumu!..again..everything is like a miracle when u r around syg...juz perfect!watched "PISAU CUKUR"..not bad..its entertaining la..

we gt a new baby..my new nephew..MOHD ADIB ILHAM...omg!!can't wait to kiss him..to hold him!! he must be really cute like his parent..esp his mum..
maybe i'll be in KL tis cumin holiday...wanna meet up my fwens there..miss em' so much..planning for part tyme job?emmm...i dunno...still under my consideration..
i'll work out wuts da best...

hmmm..i dunna lately..ati cam xsedap..hmmm..sumthing is about to happen?i dunno...i dun care..wuteva it is..i will face it up..but plz..dun take him away from me..take everything but not him....

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