Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, November 12, 2009


since i have lot of tyme to be spent...hihhi..
kinda 'qada' balik everything dat is missing here..

n one of em' was an important match..CHELSEA vs MANCHESTER UNITED..on last sunday (if im not mistaken..)
well..as im expected..we won!!!!ngeh3.. (p/s: syg, didnt mean to hurt you!)
john terry did it...1-0..
i gt paper on monday morning ,so ,i missed the live match..
but Alhamdulillah..i caught it back on monday..(siaran ulangan daaa!!!)..huuhu..
now, we're leading wif 5 points...following by Arsenal..n MU..sob3x
it ws a great match...undoubtedly, they played really hard since MU is not an easy team..huhuhu...
wayne rooney nearly scored but the ball juz missed...
keep it up MU!glory..glory man united!
for my team..great job!(eheh, cam aku lak yg pengurus kan..hahaha)


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

...wut da???...

huh!im sooooooo angry at tis point..i juz found out sumthing..
it wasnt about me..its my bestfwen..my chillhood fwen...
she hs been dumped by her boyfwen on her last burfday...
they were in luv for like 5 years..n suddenly the guy blamed her for betraying him which she was not!..

n now..i juz found out dat the guy actually having a relationship with another gal! shit!..feels like wanna kill da guy! its not bcoz he broke my bestfwen's heart (yes actually..a part of it..)..but its bcoz he's totally suck! loser!maroon!..
y it seems to be easy for him while she's dying try to handle all the things by herself?HUH!

hey,wut goes around, comes around..wait n see!
dear my nisah..u deserved sumone much more better than the loser!
holiday is cumin..we gonna rock it!
luv u dear!...

reminder for my luv, mr qahar...
dun do sumthing like tis to me yah..plz..
i luv u syg...
its 'pengajaran' for both us...
keep it real n look at it from the positive side...huhuhu..
u've been really busy lately..miss u so much...

simply fabolous!!

my weekend was simply awesome!
luv it so much!thanx to my luv,qahar..
finished my final exam already!!!yeay!!!
and as for today, i filled my day with sleeeepinggg!!!
had a nightmare last night..OMG!!it scared me to death!
Woke up at 12-ish. Had my shower and straightaway went out to cafe for my lunch!

hmmm..well anyways,I'm having my mood swing now.yes! I'm aware of it but I just can't get rid of it. and yes,i'm acting like a bitch now. Blame the hormones-blame the hormonessss! and no, I'm not gonna apologise for it.

On a different note, Sometimes I can like someone very much and at the same time I can hate them like nobody can ever think off. So please respect me for who I am.
Plus respect my stuff too. And yes I hate stuck-ups and I hate to deal with these kind of people. Annoying oke! pffffffffffft! Can you just get lost from my way and don't interfere with my personal life?
WTH! I'm so E.M.O today and live with it ok people!huhuhu..
i'm done wif dat part..fuh!!

btw, lets talk bout sumthing nicer..well..final exam came to the end (finally!!)..
now,its the tyme to plan my holiday.hmmm...btw,nuw muvi is coming out tomorrow.. 2012..i wanna watch it damn much!! i wrote out a wut to-do list n here it is..

2) guitar lesson?
3) i shud spend more tyme on cooking!
4) jogging n sum exercises like futsal?
5) any camp?i luv hiking..camping!!
6) holiday trip? well..y not?

dats it for now..maybe i'll cme out wif a better idea soon..

Saturday, November 7, 2009

few days before the check point!!...

holla ppl!!!..
one more paper left..chaiyok2..
mechanics n fundamental was suck!!!huhuhu...
i juz bck from my home...home sweet home...spent my tyme away from my study for a while..

btw, had a date wif my mr mumu!..again..everything is like a miracle when u r around syg...juz perfect!watched "PISAU CUKUR"..not bad..its entertaining la..

we gt a new baby..my new nephew..MOHD ADIB ILHAM...omg!!can't wait to kiss him..to hold him!! he must be really cute like his parent..esp his mum..
maybe i'll be in KL tis cumin holiday...wanna meet up my fwens there..miss em' so much..planning for part tyme job?emmm...i dunno...still under my consideration..
i'll work out wuts da best...

hmmm..i dunna lately..ati cam xsedap..hmmm..sumthing is about to happen?i dunno...i dun care..wuteva it is..i will face it up..but plz..dun take him away from me..take everything but not him....