Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Sunday, June 15, 2008

xoxo...u gonna luv it..

Hey..its 5 am already.. everybody is come back n I bet all of them hve a sound sleep rite now..n im still awake at tis time..watching xoxo..gossip girl..hahaha…juz fee like luv to write sumthing..back to da gossip girl..really wish to be like serena van der woodsen..yeah..instead of being blair who always bump into probs n feel insecure with herself…haha..i dunno if there is serena in myself..but at least its closer.. a bit wild..n believe in herself..juz be myself without think bout wut others might think bout u..

Hey..wuts wrong bout being hot n single?..its nothing..im sure im gonna find a gud guy juz like Dan Humprey…im not looking a perfection..im not looking for a perfect guy..no flaws at all..dats impossible.. I need a normal..make me laugh..even make me cry .. its hard..since im gifted with quite a useful brain ( im not sure if dat is tha rite word for my brain..) hahaha.. hey boy..i dun care who u r..where u r coming from…bout ur past..ur family.. I dun care if u r clever than me or not..i juz want u..someone that I can share my dreams..my sorrows n pains..obviously..im in luv with u…(please..cut it out!)..

Its quite a long tyme im being a single soul…yeah..after wut happened between me n my x..( I dun feel like I want to pronounce his name here..)..but u gotta believe me..i let it go ..im a new person… much better than before… dats y when he wanted me back..i dun care..i juz luv the chase..not u, bad boy!...juz move on n start ur new life..i dun want u..u think u came back after u have everything..ur new career as marketing manager in big company..wif ur expensive car..i will accept u n juz forget wut happened?..u r totally wrong,dude!..im looking forward for a normal guy who I think im in luv with now..yeah..maybe u r rite..he doesn’t know bout me.. bout my feeling rite now..but it doesn’t matter..he will find out sonner or later..=)

Hmmmm..still thinking bout my plan for my long holiday..its not really dat long actually..but at least I have to work on sumthng..first in list, I wanna be a volunteer ..my mum juz told me dat there is a school..im not sure if it is a school..sort of..for kanak2 kurang upaya..dats a gud idea..i luv to be there n help them..u noe how much I luv kids n im into charity events..yes..im not rich enuf to help them but I dun think it shudnt be a reason for me not to help them…mungkin kita menangis sbb xde kasut..but jgn lupa mungkin kat satu tempat lain..there is a gal like u..whos crying because she doesn’t have leg…

Owh..we had picnic last nyte on da field..hahaha..such a great moment to be shared…
Im off to kl next week..cant wait for da gals day out..its shopping time!!..need to buy sum present for my sis’s burfday..n a gift for my dad (for the father’s day of cos!)..everyone talking bout the farewell party in da concorde hotel..its a ball…a red carpet affair..but not for me..im a sindarela..n how im gonna be there without my prince..

Btw..there is a gig tomorrow..its da cafĂ© nite out..n im gonna sing..i noe it sounds funny..juz sit back n enjoy our performance..juvern will play da guitar while the rest will sing…juz try to seize our last days ere..hahhaa..

Xoxo..gossip gal..i noe u gonna luv it..juz keep in touch n find out more next tyme..…daaaa…

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