Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Monday, June 16, 2008

cafe nyte out....splendid tyme..

ppl!!!!!!...im back!!! kinda addicted to write everything here..hmm..first n foremost im gonna write bout the outing to tg malim wif ajim,ikhwan,aisyah..fikri..syida..pam n nana...OMG!!i dunno wut happened to ajim..he followed us to shop sum girl things n u noe wut,,he keep on repeating da same phrase all over again.." xpayah beli..membazir....u have such shirt already..u dun need one more "...n at last..we tinggalkan dia kat satu kedai ni sbb dia nak tgk cerita indon ape ntah..i dunno...dia keep on complaining how boring ikut girls shopping..after tinggalkan dia..i went back to da same shop n buy da shirt !!!hahaha...then we had tis cendol thing ..n da bad thing ws..xsedap giler!!!huhuhu..dats da first n the last tyme im gonna beli cendol there...we cme back to clg around 5..then ada rehearsal for da gig..cafe' nyte out..we berlatih tepi padang while da boys playing football there...hahaha..

ermmm..then next agenda is cafe nyte out.its da gig!!!memula i ws so malu nak nyanyi..all the boys were there..n can u imagine me??..standing on da stage n sing??..finally we made it...n everyone ws like screaming!!! best giler!!! now i feel like i really want to sing again!!!! giler mic nie!!! hahaha...we enjoyed it soooo much!! we rawk da nyte!!

after habis cafe nyte out..ash ajak lepak kat tepi padang...n suddenly everyone ws joining us..kitaorg lari2 tgh pdg..it ws around 10 pm..hahaha..took lot of pics ...aimran n johan pun join..they were soooo funny.......such a splendid nyte..amik gambar lompat2..lari2..hahaha...i will neva forget bout tis nyte..im gonna miss it so much after tis...

now i think i need bath...n solat...its 12.32am already..thanx guys..i really enjoyed da nyte..da day..i'll put sum pics here..not now..but later..

xoxo..gossip gal..i noe u luv it..keep in touch till da next post..u will find out more...daaaa

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