Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Daisypath Anniversary tickers

Thursday, May 8, 2008

..gal's nyte out!!!...

hye ppl!!!!its 3am already!!!hahaha..im kinda 'menghukum' myself for not studying..i ws enjoying myself at da gh da whole nyte without books!!..huhuhu..instead of join economics discussion wif ajim n zm at da cafe...so sori!!!!xbleh tahan!!hahaha...at first,i juz planned nak g dinner jer..but then..i cant pull myself out of da gh..everything seems so interesting there...kitaorg karaoke ramai2..hahhaa!!!..obviously misha omar will cry if she heard juz now..hihiih...memborong tudung..aisyah spent rm 300 more or less..haha..so crazy kan??!!!..i joined da tug of war..can't u imagine me??!!n tug of war??!! sounds funny,rite?..xsempat tarik dah melayang...hik!hik!arghhh.. english crime ere..but whos care???..hahaa..dis s my blog!so,its up to me la kan...*blink2*...lalaalala...single & happy..dats me...*im smiling*..

pagi td i dunno y terrrrrbangun lambat..huhuhu...sumpah! mmg terrrrr...i dun have such intention..i skipped physics class..n mr idrus marah giler!!warghhh!!!!..sori la mr idrus..btol2 xsengaja..huhuu..so,malam nie im stdying physics..application...gambatte!!!gambatte!!...

i cant waste time

so give it a moment

i realised nothing s broken

no need to worry bout everything i've done

live every second like it ws my last one

dun look back

got a new direction

i luv u once

needed protection

u still a part of everything i do

u on my heart juz like a tattoo..

juz like a tattoo..

i always have you..

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